Slate Platinum Wedding Band


Chloe is excited to present a range of custom-made wedding bands from her renowned Slate collection.

Each ring in this collection is completely unique. Chloe hand-carves every piece from jewellers wax, adding her signature texture with great care. The rings are then cast into recycled metal using the ‘lost wax process,’ ensuring that no two are alike. Your ring’s texture will be truly one of a kind.

Chloe reimagines the classic wedding band by adding personality and individuality. Inspired by the textures and lines of slate formations, these rings offer a geometric look for those desiring a textured wedding band.

These rings can be custom-carved to any size and width and can be designed to fit alongside another ring, such as an engagement ring. For more details, please get in touch.

The ring in these images is a recycled platinum wedding band.

The listed prices are starting points for the slimmer band pictured. For an accurate quote and timeframe, contact Chloe here or via