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About Chloe

Chloe Solomon is a contemporary jeweller and designer working from her Bristol studio. Chloe studied her degree in ‘Jewellery Design and Related Products’ at Birmingham School of Jewellery following a foundation year at Bristol School or Art. She went on to be a jeweller at the independent workshop Clifton Rocks as well as personal assistant to fine jeweller Kate Wood.

Chloe’s jewellery has simplicity and geometry at its heart. She feels there is a desire for carefully crafted pieces that are minimal and unisex. She has always been drawn to more androgynous designs. Her collections can be worn by anyone in whatever way they feel suits them and their style. Each piece has been considered and designed to last a lifetime.

Chloe Solomon Designer Photo Bristol
Chloe at her Bristol jewellery workshop

Chloe’s work has always centred on repetition and rectangular shapes. Inspired by irregularities found in architecture and skylines, Chloe uses long geometric shapes to create a finish that is minimal and structural but with an organic quality. The slight mis-shapes and angles you get from hand repeating creates an organic quality that you don’t often see in geometric jewellery.


As a small business, Chloe is committed to being mindful of ethical practices and how her business affects the environment.

Chloe endeavours to source a large selection of stones from registered ethical, traceable suppliers where available. 

Fully traceable and ethically mined Canada Mark diamonds are available on request and Chloe pushes to only use 100% Canada mark. As well as reusing vintage stones either sourced herself or provided by customers.

Get in touch for more info on ethical metal and stone options.